David West on KG Blowing in His Ear: ‘I Think Lance’s Was More Sensual’ (VIDEO)

by December 29, 2014

Taking a page out of Lance Stephenson’s playbook Saturday night, Kevin Garnett blew hot breath in David West’s face, drawing the ire of the Pacers big man.

But it didn’t help the visiting Brooklyn Nets much, as they were pounded by Indiana 110-85.

West obviously didn’t enjoy KG’s antics, but still found humor in the craziness of it all.

Per the Indy Star:

While (Roy) Hibbert found his way to react to the derision, West decided to match foolishness with a hearty shove to the chest. In the first quarter, cameras caught Kevin Garnett blowing in West’s face – and then promptly showed the Pacers veteran’s reaction that drew a technical foul.


“Yeah, I didn’t like that,” West said. “I just know it was too close and I didn’t like it. I don’t really play them games. We’re out there to play basketball so let’s play basketball. Everybody was kinda looking at what made me push him or whatever, (I) told ’em, ‘he blew in my face.'”


Then, recognizing the absurdity of the Lance-like moment, West began to smile. […] “An aggressive blow at that,” West described. “I think Lance’s was more sensual. That was an aggressive one.”