Deron Williams Wrecks Brandon Bass With Three Crossovers (VIDEO)

by March 24, 2015

Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams may no longer be the same player, but his crossover remains immaculate.

Brandon Bass found out the hard way Monday night, as D-Will broke him off with three nasty crossovers before hitting a runner.

It was one of the few highlights for the Nets, as they dropped a critical one to the visiting Boston Celtics 110-91.

Per the NY Post:

Despite being 10 games under .500, the Nets were just one-half game behind the Celtics, their opponent in Brooklyn on Monday night, knowing a win would not only move them into a tie for eighth place in the Eastern Conference with 13 games to go, but would also even the season series with Boston and give the Nets a chance to win the all-important tie-breaker. […] So what did the Nets do? The same thing they’ve done time and time again when facing this very situation this season: fall flat on their faces. The Nets were embarrassed on their home court for the latest time this season, losing 110-91 to the Celtics to ensure they lose playoff tie-breakera with both Boston and Miami in the race for one of the final three playoff spots at the bottom of the East.


“It wasn’t just one game, like it normally is when you lose to a team,” said Deron Williams, one of the few Nets to play well in this one as he finished with 10 points, nine rebounds and 10 assists. “We didn’t fall just one game back in the standings. It was actually two, because of the tie-breaker. These are all big games. We knew that coming in. … We gave one up tonight to them.”


“Ultimately, we couldn’t stop them, and we couldn’t score,” Nets coach Lionel Hollins said, perfectly summing things up.