Derrick Rose on Reported Rift With Jimmy Butler: ‘It’s So False’ (VIDEO)

It seems like every other day there’s another report about Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler‘s relationship. The sensational headlines have been things like Butler not respecting Rose’s work ethic and with every report, both guys have to come out and refute the story. Recently, Rose sat down with CSN Chicago and attempted to clear the air once and for all.

Watch the video above, in which Rose delivers this clear statement:

“It’s false. It’s so false. It’s so false. I love Jimmy as a player and as a person for one. Just knowing what he came from, what he had to go through just to get in this position. He still has a bright future. I’m lucky in my career to be playing with a player where the sky’s the limit. Like who knows how good he can be and who knows how good the team can be. It’s very exciting not only be playing with this team but with a guy like that.”