Dirk Nowitzki Hits Game-Winner Over Carmelo Anthony (VIDEO)

by February 25, 2014

Dirk Nowitzki called it perhaps the ugliest game-winning shot of his career. No matter, it pushed the Dallas Mavericks past Carmelo Anthony (44 points) and the reeling New York Knicks 110-108. Per the Star-Telegram:

Nowitzki, who had averaged 27.2 points for his career in his previous 13 games in this arena, seemed almost apologetic that his last shot settled the game.

“I had no idea where it was going,” said Nowitzki when asked if he knew his game-winner was going in when it left his hands. “That’s probably the ugliest game-winner I’ve ever shot.

“Once it went up I figured it had a chance, but I wasn’t quite sure it was going. Then when it actually went in I didn’t even feel like celebrating it was so ugly, and I kind of turned around and saw the bench running at me I was kind of like I was a little disappointed, but we’ll take the win and move on.”