Draymond Green on Dahntay Jones’ Postgame Bump: ‘He Don’t Play’ (VIDEO)

LA Clippers backup swingman Dahntay Jones appeared to purposely bump into Draymond Green as he conducted a postgame interview Sunday afternoon, following the Golden State Warriors’ dominant 106-98 win.

Green scored a game-high 23 points against the Clips, and saved his best lines for the locker room.

Draymond hilariously lit into Jones for his limited role with the Clips, and said the NBA should look into his actions.

Per the Mercury News:

Q: What did you make of Dahntay Jones bumping you during your TV interview after the game? […] GREEN: “It caught me by surprise. Got bumped and looked… and then I looked again… just curious, did he do it on purpose or not? And then I saw the replay, where he looks at me.”


“Started by talking then he looked at me again from the corner of his eye and then walked right into me. Think he wanted a reaction from me. But he don’t play. So… me getting suspended and him getting suspended, it’s different. When you don’t play, that’s probably his role on that team.”


“I’ve had that role once in my career, a couple years ago. But I can’t afford to feed into that where I get into it in after a game, where I get fined, get suspended and hurt my team. When… if he gets suspended, they may not even notice. Guess I got bumped by him. […] But I definitely expect that to be reviewed by the NBA. For him to look at me and look at me again and bump me while I’m doing the post-game interview. That’s really smart, too. You know, when it’s on ABC and obviously the post-game interview is the highlight of that segment. And you bump somebody. […] He got some camera time, which he needed, because there wasn’t much celebration from their bench today so you didn’t see him much. So he got the camera time he was looking for. Just expect it to be reviewed and see what happens. But he served his purpose in today’s game.”