Dwight Howard’s Funniest Videos


by Abe Schwadron | @abe_squad

Since the Magic made him the No. 1 overall pick in the 2004 Draft, Dwight Howard and his Greek god-like frame have represented power and strength. But he’s also one of the League’s friendliest and funniest players. And with Shaq taking his final bow, Howard’s now the only “Superman” in pro basketball, and arguably its best entertainer. Somehow, Dwight is simultaneously the NBA’s most feared defensive presence (reigning Defensive Player of the Year, three years running) and one of its most well-liked. Plus, it looks like DH is finally putting things together on the offensive end—he posted a career-high 22.3 PPG in ’10-11, and 27 PPG during Orlando’s short-lived playoff run. So it’s no wonder the five-time All-Star is the subject of trade rumors to every big-market team from the Lakers to the Nets.

On his 26th birthday (ridiculous how young dude is), we salute Dwight with 26 of his funniest video moments, from scripted commercials to his famous impressions. Some you’ve seen, others you’ll be viewing for the first time. Perhaps the only fans who won’t be laughing are distraught Magic diehards. But hey, this is Dwight’s day, so take a moment to relax, hit play, and enjoy the Manchild’s lighter side. We’ve gathered every hilarious Howard YouTube clip into the gigantic gallery above for your viewing pleasure. Happy born day, DH!