Enes Kanter Dislocates His Left Shoulder (VIDEO)

by March 28, 2013

Early in the second quarter of the Utah Jazz’s 103-88 win against the Phoenix Suns, Enes Kanter went down and his left shoulder gruesomely popped out of place. An MRI will determine the severity of the injury for the second-year big man. Per the Salt Lake Tribune: “It was tough to look at. The first major injury of Enes Kanter’s NBA career happened on Wednesday night in Utah’s 103-88 win over the Phoenix Suns at EnergySolutions Arena. His dislocated shoulder caused his arm to dangle by his side after a hard collision with Hamed Haddadi. After both big men went to the floor, Kanter staggered to his feet like a punch-drunk boxer. He wanted to stay in the game, but the pain was too great. The crowd gasped at the vision of a shoulder popped out of place, the bone seemingly threatening to break through skin. ‘It disconnected after I fell to the ground and the other guy fell on my arm,’ Kanter said. A second-year center for the Jazz, Kanter will have an MRI (Thursday) to determine how much time he will miss, if any. The general consensus is that Kanter will be on the shelf for as much as two weeks, the worst stretch of the season for him to be inactive due to the Western Conference playoff push. […] True to Kanter’s 2013 persona, he fielded questions afterward with a slick hat and a sling on his left arm. He spoke of text messages and females asking him if he was OK. He spoke of pain, and the fact that he was feeling none at that moment. He also spoke of the process of getting back as soon as possible. ‘I just have to get the MRI and go from there,’ Kanter said. ‘My shoulder is disconnected, but I’m alright. I just want to return because I want to help the team make the postseason.'”