For Old Time’s Sake: 90s Hawks

Mookie, Mutombo, and Smith made for a great trio in the dirty dirty in the late 90s. Mookie was one of the best on-ball defenders in the league, Mutombo was in his finger waiving prime, and Steve Smith was a 6’8″ sharpshooter. None of them were drafted by the Hawks but they all entered their prime while in Atlanta. Steve Smith averaged close to 20 pts/game, Mookie averaged well over 2 steals and 6 asssists, and Mutombo averaged over 3 blocks and 12 boards. While none of these guys are in the discussion for the best that ever played their respective positions, they were all NBA All-Stars once upon a time and made hoops exciting in ATL. Shout out Kblaze for the Mix, Lang Whitaker (ATL native), and my boy J. Serby (Mookie’s biggest fan).