For Old Time’s Sake: Allan Houston

Allan Houston was born in Louisville, played at Tennessee under his father Wade Houston, and was drafted 11th overall by the Pistons in ’93. He had one of the prettiest Js in the league and had great size which enabled him to create space and get off shots. Houston signed with the Knicks as a Free Agent in ’96 and played out the rest of his career in NYC. He’s most famous for leading the Knicks to the Finals in 1999 (Beating the #1 seeded Heat as a #8 seed) and then receiving a mammoth contract in 2001 that paid him over $20 million a year. While the contract was certainly questionable and Houston was forced into early retirement due to injuries, he’s still one of the greatest Knicks of All-Time. Houston is a 2x NBA All Star, won a gold Medal with team USA in the 2000 Olympics, and is currently ranked 26th in 3pt FGs made.