For Old Time’s Sake: B.J. Armstrong

B.J. Armstrong never really lit up the stat sheet for a full season but he was always a fan favorite. Not sure if it’s because he was MJ’s point guard, had a dope name, or gave the little guys hope but I remember a lot of kids in school loving B.J. Armstrong. He was drafted 18th overall by the Bulls in 1989 and won 3 NBA Titles with Chicago from ’91-93. BJ’s finest season came in ’94 when he averaged just under 15 pts and 4 asts/game and was named to the All-Star Team. After the ’95 season he was taken 1st overall in the Raptors Expansion Draft, ending his short but illustrious career in Chicago. He returned to the Bulls in 2000, playing 32 games, before retiring and working in the Bulls front office. Armstrong is currently the agent for your reigning NBA MVP, Derrick Rose.