For Old Time’s Sake: Len Bias

by August 27, 2010

The story of Len Bias is one of the most heartbreaking in sports history. A powerful 6’8″ forward, Bias shined at the University of Maryland and earned ACC Player of the Year honors in the ’85-’86 season. He was promptly drafted second overall by the Celtics. There he was expected to help lead Boston back to the NBA Finals but tragedy struck only two days after he was drafted. While partying with friends on Maryland’s campus, Bias overdosed on cocaine and went into convulsions. Repeated attempts to revive him failed. Many had dubbed Bias the “next NBA superstar” and you can’t help but think of how great an impact he could have had on the game and the world had he lived. Bias’s death spotlighted America’s cocaine epidemic and helped focus attention on the need to address drug abuse nationwide. Len Bias was 22. RIP.