For Old Time’s Sake: My cousin Vince is nice. I’m nice too.

by July 30, 2010

TMac may have had his best stats on the MAGIC when he wasn’t sharing a team with his cousin, but straight out of high school this boy was unstoppable. Had the handles of a PG, the length of a PF, and the jumper of a SG which gave him free reign on the basketball court. You don’t respect his J, you pay for it… you press him, you pay for it. The man scored 13 points in 35 seconds… against the Spurs….against Bruce Bowen! He could have been shooting from the Astrodome and it would have gone in. Not much you can do when someone is in the zone like that. Yeah, TMac ain’t the same but let’s appreciate what he gave us once upon a time.

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