For Old Time’s Sake: Nick Van Exel

Nick the Quick. Where to begin with this (bear)cat…. He was drafted 37th overall in the 2nd round by the LA Lakers in ’93 during their “rebuilding” phase (didn’t know the Lakeshow had those). He and Eddie Jones helped lead the Lakers to the playoffs in ’95 and by ’98 Van Exel was an NBA All Star. Known for his quickness and flashy style, he was a crowd favorite and difficult to defend. He pulled off passes and shots that I have yet to see any other player execute in the last 15 years…you’ll see in the video. After issues with teammates/coaches, Van Exel was traded to Denver in ’98 and went on to play for Dallas, Golden State, Portland and San Antonio. He currently sits at 11th all time in NBA 3-point field goals made and finished his career with these averages: 14.4 pts, 6.6 asts, 1.7 3pt.


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