For Old Time’s Sake: Rasheed Wallace

by July 19, 2011

Where to begin with this guy. He’s a McDonald’s All-American (’93), was a beast at UNC, drafted 4th overall in the ’95 draft, and had a great career in the NBA. While the techs may be the first thing that stick out in peoples’ minds, Sheed was a crafty player and matchup nightmare. At 6’11”, he could shoot the 3-ball as well as any big man but was also ferocious around the rim. He used to throw down some Vince Carter-esque tomahawks back in his Blazers days. He won a Championship with the Pistons in ’04 and was a HUGE part of the Blazers organization in the late 90s that saw two consecutive trips to the Western Conference Finals. Sheed has the record for most technical fouls in a season (40) and the most ever by a player (304). While he certainly earned his reputation as a hothead, there’s no denying his skills as a player. Over his 15-year career he played for the Bullets, Blazers, Hawks, Pistons and Celtics. Shout out to Yinka Dare for the mix


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