For Old Time’s Sake: Vol. 2

Gotta pay homage once again to VC and the greatest in-game dunk of all time. Add in the announcers, KGs reaction, and the below from Weis’s Wikipedia page… and you have a masterpiece.

Le dunk de la mort”

Weis is known for having been “posterized” by the United States‘ Vince Carter during a basketball game between the two teams at the 2000 Summer Olympicson September 25, 2000. After getting the ball off a steal, the 6’6″ (1.98 m) Carter drove to the basket, leaped, spread his legs as he jumped over 7’2″ (2.18 m) Weis, and ferociously dunked the ball. The French media dubbed the slam “le dunk de la mort”: “the dunk of death.” The US won the game 85-75.[5] (Wikipedia)