Frank Kaminsky Reads Lines From ‘Old School’ (VIDEO)

by August 17, 2015

Frank Kaminsky, rookie for the Charlotte Hornets, was asked to reenact memorable scenes from the movie Old School, thanks to the nickname he shares with Will Ferrell’s character in the movie—Frank “The Tank” Ricard.

Read more from CBS Sports:

The only similarity between Will Ferrell’s character Frank Ricard from the 2003 movie Old School and Charlotte Hornets rookie Frank Kaminsky is their first names. Despite this fact, Kaminsky’s nickname is the same as Ricard’s — “Frank the Tank.”


Kaminsky is actually a big fan of the nickname; he even wore a blazer with tanks stitched on the inside lining at the NBA Draft. And since Kaminsky embraces his nickname, CBS Sports asked the Hornets’ big man to reenact some of Old School’s most memorable scenes with his fellow rookies.


Yes, Kaminsky reading off cue cards does take away from his performance, but he does nail the “Blue, you’re my boy!” line.