Friday Night Lights Holiday Showcase Trailer (VIDEO)

by November 29, 2012


by Dumaine Reid

This trailer is special  for many reasons. First off, this is the first trailer of three and we’ve been receiving a lot great feedback. It leaves you in suspense. When myself and @Midwest_Baller come together there’s always magic made. Another reason this trailer is special is because our organization (@Mission10Eleven) has been waiting to organize this event and we felt like now is perfect timing. The last showcase we hosted was dominated by Marquette recruit Deonte Burton. The name of the showcase is the “Friday Night Lights Holiday Showcase.” We chose Friday Night Lights because as a basketball player when you’re on the floor, the lights are focused on you, and you have to embrace that moment to show what you got and most importantly get the W. The other reason I chose this name for the showcase is because of my favorite hip hop artist J. Cole who has a mixtape entitled Friday Night Lights and any athlete that listens to him will tell you that mixtape will get you focused for a game or workout.

This event will be held in December but the official date hasn’t been released yet. Our showcase will feature a women’s 3-point shootout for breast cancer and a men’s basketball game. The coaches of the men’s game, Ryan Hopgood and Danonta Owten, will be selecting players from the player pool this weekend which should be interesting as well. There will also be a clothing and can good drive for the Salvation Army–we felt this was important because we all are so blessed to have what we have, so why not give back? The holidays are a great time of the year so we wanted to organize this event for our city to come together. The main focus is to do something positive in the midst of all the violence that’s been occurring so this is something to make people smile. We have a great feeling people will enjoy this showcase. Stay tuned and follow @Mission10Eleven on Twitter for more #FNLShowcase updates.