Garnett on Kevin Durant: ‘Michael F*cking Jordan’

by April 01, 2010

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Twenty-four years ago, a young man walked into the Boston Celtics’ home arena and torched them for 63 points in a Playoff game. Afterwards, Larry Bird famously declared that it was “God disguised as Michael Jordan.”

Last night, Kevin Durant evoked painful memories of MJ for Celtics fans and forward Kevin Garnett. A clearly frustrated KG described the experience in his own colorful way.

On his way to 37 points, Durant shot 15 free throws (and didn’t miss a single one in the process); the Celtics as a team only attempted 17 in total. “Durantula” is a great nickname for KD, but Garnett blessed him with an even better one during the post game presser last night.

Red’s Army brings us the video: