Gordon Hayward Tears Up Remembering Mom’s Reaction to His Ankle Injury

by November 02, 2017
gordon hayward emotional mom injury

Gordon Hayward got emotional while talking about the gruesome ankle injury that he suffered during his first game with the Boston Celtics.

In an interview with the TODAY‘s Matt Lauer, Hayward teared up as he recalled seeing his mother crying after the injury (starting at 3:38):

“As a parent, you don’t want your child to go through that. And as a parent myself, it’s like, thinking, I would rather take their pain… Sorry, you know…


“And this is where it makes me emotional because… like, I wouldn’t want Bernie or Charlie to go through that so.


“And I remember seeing my mom, and she’s crying. And that’s just tough. It’s tough to see your parents cry too because it makes you emotional.”

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