Gregg Popovich: Donald Trump ‘Brings Out the Dark Side of Human Beings’

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich used his time Tuesday night in Washington to rail against Donald Trump, telling reporters that the American president “brings out the dark side in human beings.”

During an 11-minute chat with the press, Pop also addressed mass shootings, and added to his criticism that Trump skipping town during the massive “March for Our Lives” rally in D.C. was an “act of cowardice.”

Prior to their 116-106 loss to the Wizards, San Antonio’s players and coaches visited the Supreme Court.

Per the WaPo:

“We try to do things outside of basketball and just expose players to real life because this is just entertainment,” Popovich said, in explaining the visit. “I think it’s important for them to be exposed to what’s going on in a variety of different ways, that’s why we take trips like that or have people come in and speak to us. Stuff like that.”

Before facing the Washington Wizards on Tuesday night, Popovich, who has shared sharp criticism of Trump, was asked more questions about societal issues than basketball during his nearly 11-minute media availability. Popovich explained in detail why he continues to speak out.

“It becomes a priority of what’s more important. I think we have a situation where we’re going backwards, at least as far as race is concerned and it has to be pointed out,” Popovich said. “Our current president hopes to bore us to death with all these new issues day after day after day that keep him in the news. You can talk about one comment or scandal after another and it becomes commonplace, forgotten about and we don’t even know what’s going on behind the scenes, like what’s happening to our environment and health and all this sort of thing. All the laws that are kind of sliding and all the people who are being removed and being replaced. Like scientists being replaced by politicians.

“We take our eye off the ball, and he’s great at it,” Popovich continued. “He brings out the dark side of human beings for his own purpose, which is himself. And if it’s not pointed out and people don’t stand up and point it out, it will become commonplace, and it’s not the world that I want to live in.”