Hoops in the Sun 2013 Trailer (VIDEO)

The basketball courts at Orchard Beach in the Bronx (NY) will once again be home to NYC-famed streetball tourney Hoops in the Sun when it opens its 14th season on Saturday, June 8th. Touted as one of the premier summer basketball leagues in the country, HITS has featured the likes of Tracy McGrady, Tim Thomas, Smush Parker, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Joakim Noah and Devin Harris, among the many other NBA names on its blacktop. Many of the top college players from the local area are also regulars, using the tournament to stay in shape and play against top-notch competition during the offseason. Orchard Beach is known to many of its regular attendees as the “East Coast’s Venice Beach,” while Hoops in the Sun CEOs, and also brothers, Joe and Randy Cruz have been widely recognized for their role in pushing the league for a decade-and-a-half strong. Bingo’s All-Stars has won the title for the past three seasons (four of the last five) but will not be participating in this summer’s tourney, thus a new champion will be crowned in August. Check out the tourney’s just-launched 2013 trailer above in anticipation of this weekend’s opener.