Jamal Murray: Celtics Know ‘I Was Trying to Get 50’

by November 06, 2018

Jamal Murray had 48 points Monday night with time winding down and the outcome no longer in doubt, when he launched a three-pointer in an effort to crack the 50-point barrier.

It was a “bullshit move,” according to Kyrie Irving, who hurled the ball into the crowd in frustration.

Murray’s career night led the Denver Nuggets (9-1) past the visiting Boston Celtics 115-107, and the 21-year-old star guard conceded that his emotions led to the unwritten no-no.

Per the AP:

“My emotion took over as it normally does when I get going like that,” Murray explained.

Murray was feeling it all night, hitting 19 of 30 shots, including five 3s. He had two attempts to reach 50 points in the final seconds, but missed a reverse layup and then that 3 at the buzzer — one that bothered the Celtics with the game already decided.

“What kind of competitor wouldn’t it bother? I was (mad), but we’re not going to make a big thing about it,” said Kyrie Irving, who scored 31 points on 13-of-17 shooting. “But congratulations to him on 48 points. He did it in a great fashion.”