Jeff Green With Big Dunks on the Anniversary of His Heart Surgery (VIDEO)

by January 10, 2013

On the one-year anniversary of Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green undergoing a heart procedure, he had himself a nice game (and a couple of big dunks) to help the surging C’s win their fourth in a row over the visiting Phoenix Suns. Here’s Green after the game, from WEEI: “It felt good. (long pause) I can’t put it into words,’ Green said. ‘I mean it’s a wonderful day, I had a good game, I’m just glad to be here man. You know, I reflect a lot about what I’ve been through and it’s just a blessing and I’m glad to be here.’ […] ‘I don’t cry, but, it was. A year ago I had heart surgery. When I think about laying in the bed when I woke up from it, and to where I am now…it’s a big deal to me. Like I said, I’m just glad to be here, glad to be alive, glad to be playing basketball.’ […] What did Green think Wednesday looking back 12 months? ‘First time I stood up from surgery, the first time I walked, it was painful, but I had to make progress and take steps to get back on the court,’ Green said. ‘Those are memories that Ill never forget. Anything between now and that first step, you know, it was a wonderful journey for myself and an unbelievable process that I went through.’ Does it push him every day? ‘Oh, most definitely, because I never want to be back at that point, the way I felt when I woke up, I never want to feel that way again, taking 10 steps and getting tired … I never want to feel that way again,’ he said. ‘I’m gonna push myself to the limits and never be out of shape.'”