JellyDay Had New York City’s Dyckman Park Going Crazy

Isaiah Washington’s New York City homecoming was a sight to see. Although the future University of Minnesota point guard didn’t participate in JellyDay at the famed Dyckman Park, Jahvon Quinerly, Jordan Walker, Leondre Washington, and others entertained a massive crowd on “JellyDay.” Fans literally climbed fences and looked on from nearby rooftops.

Washington was among the founding members of the JellyFam movement a few years ago. Because he and his friends couldn’t dunk with ease, they wanted to come up with their own signature moves. They gravitated to the finger roll but gave it a modern update, instead calling it the “Jelly.”

Their movement gained hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and the Fam began to grow, with Quinerly and Leondre Washington coming on board.

To be part of JellyFam, you have to Jelly three times in one game, in front of a current member of the Fam.

Watch the video above to see all of Dyckman lose their collective minds after Jordan Walker’s back-to-back scoop shots. Kevin Durant didn’t have Dyckman this lit.

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h/t NJ Hoop Recruit