Jeremy Lin Makes a Cameo in ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ (VIDEO)

by October 15, 2015

Actor Jeremy Lin, who moonlights as a basketball player (or is it the other way around?), appeared in Tuesday night’s episode of the hit ABC comedy “Fresh Off the Boat”.

The Charlotte Hornets guard plays a factory worker in the bit.

Per Entertainment Weekly (via FTW):

Last week on Fresh Off The Boat, (Shaquille O’Neal) popped up to sell some cars. This week, another NBA player will try to steal some laughs. Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin, aka Linsanity, plays a factory worker who toiled with Louis (Randall Park) making the plastic thingees that sit on the center of pizza to keep the lid off the cheese. Watch the video to see a scene from “The Fall Ball,” which involves Eddie’s (Hudson Yang) first dance and an important discussion about Pretty in Pink.