Jeremy Lin Presents ‘How To Fit In The NBA’ (VIDEO)

by September 23, 2015

Jeremy Lin is not just a pro basketball player (note to Hornets security: he is a pro basketball player). That’s right, the 6-3 point guard has gradually become a YouTube sensation.

Check out his latest video, starring a number of players from across the L (Stephen Curry, DeAndre Jordan, Tyson Chandler, Dwight Howard, to name a few), on how to fit in the NBA. The clip highlights the “importance” of fashion, music, dancing, and more in the life of a professional baller. At the end of the day, all Lin desires is acceptance from his new Charlotte teammates.

And if that summary isn’t incentive enough, a special someone makes a guest appearance at the end of the video. Hint: she’s less than four years old.