Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson Ejected from Game 2 (VIDEO)

by May 09, 2013

With the Chicago Bulls getting destroyed last night, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson decided they had seen enough and got kicked out of Game 2 early in the fourth quarter. Both acknowledged that they lost their cool and that their actions weren’t very “Zen”. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “After the 115-78 drubbing, the Bulls let it be known that they were frustrated by their own play, their inability to stop the Heat and also with calls that weren’t going their way. ‘You’re competitors, you’re going to go out there and do everything you can. If you feel like you’re getting cheated, you’re going to say something about it,’ Carlos Boozer said. All the frustration boiled over early in the fourth quarter as the Heat rout turned into a runaway. After Marquis Teague was called for a foul on a Ray Allen layup, Bulls center Joakim Noah said something to official Scott Foster. He was immediately hit with his second technical foul of the game and ejected. Taj Gibson joined the fray and quickly drew two technicals of his own in a profanity-laced exchange with Foster. In addition to getting tossed, Gibson could face a suspension and or a fine. ‘I hope not. I hope they just see it was frustration,’ Gibson said. ‘I have a good rapport with Scott. It’s one of those games that is chippy. Words are going to be said. I don’t mean any harm to Scott. He’s a good referee sometimes.’ Noah, who drew his first technical in the first quarter as part of a double-technical with the Heat’s LeBron James, appeared as if he was ready to call it a night after emotions got the best of him several times. ‘I just wanted to let the referee know how I felt about the game. But I guess I deserved to get kicked out,’ Noah said.”