Joakim Noah Unveils New ‘Rock Your Drop’ PSA for Anti-Violence Campaign (VIDEO)

by August 03, 2015

Over the weekend, Bulls star big man Joakim Noah and the Noah’s Arc Foundation unveiled a new public service announcement to promote the #RockYourDrop campaign. Watch the video above, and you can learn more below. For even more info, head to now.

From ABC 7 Chicago:

Joakim Noah and the Noah’s Arc Foundation are unveiling the new public service announcement (PSA) for the “Rock Your Drop” campaign to empower youth and community members.


The “Drop of Consciousness” movement, symbolized by a teardrop necklace, encourages people to take a stand for peace, unity and positive change in their communities.


Violence is an issue that affects the entire city of Chicago, and Noah’s Arc Foundation is working to spread a message of positivity and non-violence through this new PSA.