John Wall Says He’s the Best Point Guard in the NBA (VIDEO)

by August 02, 2013

According to John Wall, he’s not only one of the NBA’s highest-paid floor generals, but the very best. During an appearance today on the Dan Patrick Show, Wall ranked himself above all other point guards in the L (previously, the 22-year old has said that his goal is to become the greatest point guard ever.) Per Beyond the Buzzer: “Alright, John. Where do you rank among NBA point guards? Wall: ‘Me?’ Where do you rank, yeah? Wall: ‘I rank myself the best.’ Number 1? Wall: ‘Yeah, I rank myself the best.’ Are you basing that on past accomplishments or are you basing it on what you think you can do in the future? Wall: ‘Just basing it on what I can do in the future … I feel like I always can improve. There’s a lot of talented point guards out there, but I feel like I can hold my own.'”