6-1 Jordan Kilganon Does Aaron Gordon’s Dunks In Jeans (VIDEO)

by March 16, 2016

During a fourth-quarter timeout in the 2016 All-Star game, a 23-year-old dunker named Jordan Kilganon hyped up the crowd with his signature dunk called the “Scorpion.”

The ease with which the 6-1 Canadian soared through the air was only underscored by the fact that we did it while wearing jeans.

It made you wonder what else was possible for the pro dunker. Well, thanks to his latest mixtape, we found out.

Kilganon not only does all of Aaron Gordon’s dunks from the Dunk Contest (wearing jeans, of course), he redefines what’s considered possible in the air. Make sure you watch until the 1:10 mark, when he throws down a “reverse two-hand windmill krown” dunk.