Jordan Super.Fly 4 Open Run Recap (VIDEO)

by July 16, 2015

Tuesday night at Terminal 23 in New York City, we had the chance to wear-test the brand new Jordan Super.Fly 4 before it hits retail early next month. Designed for Blake Griffin—with inspiration from Marvin the Martian—the Super.Fly 4 is strong enough to support Blake’s post game, but light enough to keep him quick on his feet on the fast break or checking faster guys out on the perimeter.

Lacing these up, right away, the webbed straps close to the foot, which integrate with the laces, provide a nice, snug fit. The familiar full-length Flightspeed (formerly known as FlightPlate) provides a smooth ride whether sprinting straight ahead or cutting laterally. The Zoom Air Unit in the forefoot is cushiony, but still springy enough to launch you toward the rim when you go up for a layup or a rebound.

Even after playing five straight games—winner stays on, and you know we’re competitive like that—there was no blistering, no give anywhere in the sneaker, and they’re impressively light for being a quote unquote “big man’s shoe.”

Check out the highlight reel from last night’s media run at Terminal 23 in the video above. The Jordan Super.Fly 4 hits retailers on August 5 with a $150 price tag. See more detailed photos of the shoe here.