Jose Calderon Nearly Walks to Wrong Locker Room in Toronto (VIDEO)

by April 02, 2013

At halftime of the Detroit Pistons’ 108-98 win in Toronto, former Raptors guard Jose Calderon April Fooled himself by almost walking to his old locker room. Per the Toronto Sun: “It’s just a different feeling,’ began Calderon, whose return to the Air Canada Centre drew an unusually high amount of media members. ‘It’s just weird. So many feelings, so many memories. Next to my home (back in Spain), this is the place where I’ve spent most of my time.’ […] During the pre-game introductions, Calderon was the last Piston to be introduced. Fans at the ACC stood in unison, a show of support not seen since Morris Peterson came to town for the first time. There was no half-court kiss, but Calderon approached mid-court before he looked skyward and began to clap his hands as a show of respect. During a timeout, an overhead tribute was presented, a moment the fans used to once again give Calderon a standing ovation. […] ‘My teammates had to remind me not to make a left,’ said Calderon, referring to the walk visitors make once they leave their team bus at the ACC’s loading dock.”