JR Smith Gives Emotional Interview about Daughter Dakota’s Premature Birth

by June 07, 2017
jr smith dakota

Cavaliers guard JR Smith and his wife, Shirley, opened up about their daughter, Dakota, who was born four months premature.

Dakota remained hospitalized for over five months until May 23, when she was able to be taken home by her family.

JR and his wife shed tears as they spoke to ESPN about their incredibly emotional journey.

“My wife needs me, my daughter needs me. Nothing is more important to me in my life at this point.


“You see your daughter go through…like in most of my life I’ve been able to be in control of everything and something like that, you have no control.


“And it’s your child and obviously I would do anything for her. It hurt.”

JR Smith’s Daughter, Dakota, Born Five Months Premature