JR Smith Fails to Untie Greg Monroe’s Shoelace (VIDEO)

Yes, he did it again. Of course. JR Smith tried and failed to untie an opponent’s shoelace. Though Shawn Marion said he didn’t mind the childish stunt, Smith might be in trouble with the NBA. Per Newsday:

As soon as he entered Tuesday night’s eventual 89-85 Knicks victory over the Detroit Pistons barely seven minutes into the game, Smith appeared to reach to untie the shoelace of Detroit’s Greg Monroe as they stood side-by-side along the free-throw lane.

Monroe quickly jerked his left foot away and a video of the moment immediately was posted on the Internet. Evidence that Smith clearly was being watched closely after his prank on Sunday in Dallas, when he furtively loosened the lace of the Mavericks’ Shawn Marion as they awaited Dirk Nowitzki’s free-throw attempt.

A league source Tuesday confirmed that Smith was warned, though not fined, for the Dallas incident. Asked after Tuesday night’s game if he had spoken to league officials, Smith mumbled, “Yes and no. Not really supposed to talk about it.”

Knicks coach Mike Woodson acknowledged that Smith “shouldn’t be doing stuff like that. I’m going to talk to him a little bit more about it. His focus should be on just playing basketball.” When it was suggested that Smith’s shoelace attack was akin to a playground move, Woodson said, “I’ve never seen it done in an NBA game, put it that way, in all the years that I’ve been around.”