JR Smith Hits Jerryd Bayless With Elbow (VIDEO)

by November 17, 2012

JR Smith and Jerryd Bayless received double technicals in for an altercation in the second quarter of last night’s game. Smith caught Bayless with a Ron Artest ‘bow to the chest, and Bayless shoved back at Smith. From the New York Post: “J.R. Smith, wearing a band-aid on his cheek, took a shot at Jerryd Bayless’ lack of size after the Memphis guard flipped his lid following a second-quarter dust up between the two last night. Bayless and Smith got entangled and Smith raised his left elbow, clocking Bayless in the upper chest. The 6-foot-2 Bayless shoved Smith in the face and then tried to get after the Knicks guard. A livid Bayless had to be restrained by teammates while Smith backpedaled away, laughing at the scene. ‘Other than me trying to get the ball, I don’t know what he could’ve been mad at,’ Smith said after the Knicks’ 105-95 loss to the Grizzlies, their first defeat of the season. ‘Some small guards have a little man’s complex. They got to work that out.'”