JR Smith Ignores Carmelo Anthony and Bricks Game-Winning Attempt (VIDEO)

by November 13, 2014

In the waning seconds of the fourth quarter Wednesday night at MSG, Carmelo Anthony called for the ball with rookie Aaron Gordon on him.

JR Smith, of course, had his own ideas.

Smith threw up a horrific brick that nearly shattered the backboard.

The Orlando Magic escaped New York with a 97-95 win over the Knicks (who have now lost six in a row.)

Per Newsday:

Anthony shot 10-for-17 and led the Knicks (2-7) with 27 points after spending nearly 10 minutes on the bench in the second half in foul trouble. But he was on the floor at closing time, which is when he wants the ball and tries to earn his $124-million salary. […] “Of course, I want it,” Anthony said. “Whether he could have got it to me or not, that’s a different question.”


“By the time I caught it, the clock was already on 3.5,” Smith said, “so if I forced that into him, what kind of shot is he really going to have — a turnaround fadeaway?” Smith said. “It’s not the best shot we want. I don’t think it’s enough for him to set his feet and do what he wanted to do. … I think we went with the best shot. I think it was the right shot and I just didn’t make it.”


“Once the ball came in to J.R., he trusted himself,” Knicks head coach Derek Fisher said, “He took the shot. We live with that. You don’t draw it up for a three-point shot like that, but I have no problem with a guy believing in himself that he can help his team.”