Karl Malone Willing to Fight Kobe Bryant to Settle Beef (VIDEO)

Back in 2004, Karl Malone started an amazing feud with Los Angeles Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant, by allegedly joking to Kobe’s wife Vanessa that he was “hunting for little Mexican girls.”

Malone suffered a devastating knee injury that season, and the star-studded ’04 Lakers went on to lose the NBA Finals in five games to the Detroit Pistons.

The always-interesting Malone says there’s a standing offer to fight Bryant in order to squash their beef.

Per HuffPost Live:

Malone: “I’m old school Western. Back in the day when you had a beef, you didn’t get guns and knives. You just: ‘Hey Marc, I got a problem.’ We just go in the back with no cameras, no nothing, let’s just knuckle up and get it over with.”


Hill: “Did you ever make that offer to Kobe?”


Malone: “No, but it’s standing.”