Kelly Oubre Trying to Develop a Mentality Similar to Kobe Bryant

by September 09, 2015

Kobe Bryant’s best NBA days may be behind him, but he remains an inspirational (and popular) figure among many of the L’s young bucks.

Kelly Oubre says he’s trying to be like Kobe in his approach to the game; the Washington Wizards rookie has been taking mental cues from Bryant when it comes to remaining poised on the court.

Per CSN Washington:

“In Vegas, I was rowdy. I was just hyped all the time,” Oubre said of his first experience with the Wizards’ summer league team when he was incredibly active but erratic with his shooting. “A hundred miles per hour all the time. I kind of noticed that I need to change my speeds and change my poise, learn the game and make sure I’m relaxed at all times. Make sure the moment doesn’t get too big for me, or I don’t get too hyped.”


The Wizards traded with the Atlanta Hawks to get Oubre, a 6-7 small forward who was taken 15th overall. Despite the rookie’s modest one season at Kansas (9.3 points), he has been super-confident since Day One and doesn’t hesitate to remind everyone — often. Oubre can relate to Bryant, a L.A. Lakers great noted for his brashness.


“I saw Kobe say that. It’s just about staying even-keeled,” Oubre, 19, said during the interview on the Wizards’ practice court at Verizon Center. “He’s a guy that it’s worked for him so I’m going to try to take that same mentality.”

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