Kenneth Faried Drops Season-High 30 Points on the Kings (VIDEO)

by April 13, 2015

With former Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl back in the building Sunday night, the Mile High City showed him plenty of love, but Kenneth Faried had other ideas.

Faried poured in a season-high 30 points, as the Nuggets took down the visiting Sacramento Kings 122-111.

The big fella also grabbed seven boards in the Nuggets’ final home game of the season.

Per the Denver Post:

“This situation has a lot emotion, a lot of love, a lot of connection,” Karl said before coaching the Sacramento Kings in their 122-111 loss to the Nuggets, his former team. “A lot of wins in this building. A lot of fantastic games.” […] “I can’t deny, the first year, it didn’t feel good watching them play poorly,” Karl said. “Sometimes you may be rooting for them to play poorly, and then others times, ‘Why are they playing so poorly?’ Caught in the quandary of … how it disintegrated so fast, I think was actually painful to me.”


Asked whether the sting from being fired after a 57-win season endured, Karl hedged. […] “I don’t know if I had hard feelings,” he said. “I had disappointment. I didn’t understand (being fired). But I have too many good memories here. I remember the day of the firing, the laughter and fun I had with my guys. So I don’t know if there are hard feelings. I wanted to end my life here. I wanted to end my career here. They took that away from me. But they gave me nine years, paid me well, had great teams.”


Kenneth Faried scored a season-high 30 points, made 12-of-14 shots and grabbed seven rebounds. He said it was bittersweet playing against Karl, the coach who drafted him. […] “I knew I had to do a job today,” Faried said. “But it was also good to see my former head coach.”