Kevin Durant Ate Soul Food Before Dropping 66 Points at Rucker Park (VIDEO)

Four summers ago, Kevin Durant unexpectedly strolled into Rucker Park in Harlem, and tore the place up.

KD lit up the legendary Entertainers Basketball Classic to the tune of 66 points, and according to Bleacher Report‘s cool look-back at that special night, a hungry Durant loaded up on soul food before getting his buckets.

Delirious fans memorably stormed the court and mobbed Durant after he splashed in four consecutive three-pointers to conclude matters, each shot longer than the previous one.

Per The Oklahoman:

“I got a wide open look, my feet were set, my shoulders were set, and I let it go,” Durant said. “And everybody ran on the court. […] It was probably one of the best feeling I’ve ever had … like we won a championship.”


Durant showed up earlier than expected for his game, so he had to wait around. When he was invited to go grab something to eat, Durant declined, but asked if someone could run to get him something since he was hungry and had time to burn. […] His request: Fried chicken, collard greens and macaroni and cheese.


“He got me some good soul food and I was ready to go after that,” Durant said. “I felt good; I felt right at home, actually. They looked out for me. The food was great, too.”

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