WATCH: Kevin Durant Says ‘F*ck You’ to Dion Waiters in Game 2

Kevin Durant went off in the second quarter of last night’s conference finals game against the Warriors and let his squad know that the ball should find him on every possession.

In the midst of KD’s 23-point explosion, Dion Waiters missed his wide-open teammate for what would have been an easy dunk. While the ball eventually found Durant for a jumper, the superstar was not pleased that he was robbed of an easy two points and let Waiters know about it as the two headed to the bench.

With the camera zoomed-in on Durant, the lanky scorer’s smile quickly turned to a scowl as he said “fuck you, pass me the fuckin’ ball.”

KD cooled off in the second half and finished with 29 points, 6 boards and 8 turnovers.