Kevin Garnett Cover Shoot Video

By Sam Rubenstein

We outsourced the editing and production of the Kevin Garnett cover shoot video. As you are about to see, that was very smart! SLAM 113 is still on newsstands, in stores, everywhere magazines are sold.

Super double extra thank you to Alfredo Tovar for making this video what it is. If you’d like to see more of his work, go to his myspace page for some samples.

The Boston home opener and the real debut of KG as a Celtic is tonight, so it works out pretty well having the video up today. Just like we’ve been planning it for weeks and weeks, heh heh heh. Oh, it’s Ray Allen’s Celtic debut and the big three that’s on every NBA season preview magazine cover together in the same pose, except for ours, where it’s all about KG. Gilbert Arenas is guaranteeing that it will not be a happy opening night for Celtics fans. We’ll see.

Alright, enjoy the video. Re-read the magazine after you watch it. Buy another copy to commemorate watching the video!