Kevin Garnett: Denver Nuggets ‘Quit’ on Brian Shaw (VIDEO)

Echoing sentiments from others around the L, Kevin Garnett called out the Denver Nuggets and their role in the firing of first-year head coach Brian Shaw.

KG’s Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the visiting Nuggets 100-85 Wednesday night, and Garnett tore into the Nuggets for quitting on Shaw.

KG finished with 11 points and 6 rebounds in the loss.

Per the Denver Post:

The game was also the Nuggets’ first win over Minnesota since Kevin Garnett’s return to the Wolves. Afterwards, the ever-outspoken Garnett echoed the sentiment of others (Paul George, David West) in the league who feel the Nuggets “quit” on Brian Shaw and ultimately led to his ouster.


Asked if he expected the Nuggets to come out with the energy they played with Wednesday in the wake of Shaw’s firing and the months of drama surrounding the team, Garnett told reporters: “No. To be honest, they quit on Brian Shaw. I thought they’d quit again. A quitter is a quitter. That was my take on that. If you got any kind of self-pride about your future, then you want to anticipate someone playing hard. But, no, I wasn’t really concerned about the Denver Nuggets or how they were going to come out. I was more concerned about us, and us going forward and being better.”