Kobe Bryant Admits He Has Self-Doubt in Return from Injury (VIDEO)

by October 07, 2013

As he fights to return to the court following a devastating Achilles injury, Kobe Bryant surprised a Chinese audience by admitting that he has occasional moments of self-doubt. But, to no one’s surprise, Bryant views the long road back as just another challenge to overcome. Per the LA Daily News: “As I sit here with you now, I’m telling you now I’ll come back 100 percent,’ Bryant said in a recent appearance in China. ‘But I don’t know if I’m sure. I have moments and days where I doubt myself.’ […] ‘The people who say they will never come back from this injury, to me, that says if they had this injury, they would quit,’ Bryant said. ‘That’s what it means to me. If they sit here and look at me and say I can’t do it, that means if it happened to you, you wouldn’t do it. I have to show them just as much as I show people who support me that this can be done and I can come back from this. By me coming back, it shows the people who doubt me to reconsider what’s possible.’ Bryant recently went to Germany to have a procedure on his surgically repaired right knee, and Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said he hasn’t yet returned to Los Angeles. The Lakers also haven’t offered a timetable on when Bryant will return beyond their initial estimate in April that called for the Lakers star sitting at least six to nine months. ‘That’s the exciting part of the challenge,’ Bryant said. ‘That’s when I realize this is a great opportunity to come out and show everybody this is how you bounce back and respond to a challenge.'”