Kobe Bryant: Mission (VIDEOS)

by November 14, 2012

The city of Los Angeles has the unfortunate distinction of having the biggest homelessness problem in the United States. Just a few blocks away from the Staples Center, where millionaires grace both the court and the stands, lays Skid Row, one of the largest homeless communities in the nation.

Over the summer, Kobe spent time in the area getting to know some of its inhabitants and took the first steps in starting his campaign against homelessness in L.A.

This week, Bryant released a web series entitled Mission which gives viewers a first hand look at people who have been living in poverty and fight every day to better their environment. Kobe is raising awareness for a serious issue, and knowing the Mamba, he will fight to the very end to see his vision of a stable Los Angeles through.

The above video is an introduction to the Mission project and the subsequent videos are the stories of some of those who live on Skid Row. These are the type of positive stories that should be getting press.