Kyrie Irving ‘Nothing But Proud’ of the Celtics

by May 03, 2018

Kyrie Irving can only watch the Celtics’ improbable postseason run, and the injured All-Star point guard couldn’t be prouder of his young teammates.

Irving says Boston’s young roster is “playing like experienced veterans.”

Kyrie added that he’s in a “great place” after undergoing season-ending left knee surgery last month.


“We have a bunch of young guys on our team, but the way they are playing right now, they’re playing like experienced veterans,” Irving said. “I feel like, throughout the season, we’ve done a great job of helping one another, and now they’ve taken the team full-force and doing what they’re doing. So I’m just nothing but proud of them, as well as Brad Stevens and the coaching staff.”

Irving has been around the team for parts of the postseason and enjoys trying to pass along knowledge to the younger players.

“I’m not so much separated in age; I’m more separated in my years of experience,” Irving, 26, said. “I try to offer a lot of knowledge from my unique opportunities of being in Cleveland and learning a lot of things, then coming to Boston and being with these young guys that just have a thirst for knowledge.

“They want to be great. It’s easy to help individuals like that. They’re in the gym every single day, they’re dedicated to film work, making sure they take care of the bodies, and, also, I think that the strongest trait about them is that they all want to learn. I’m just happy to be part of their journey. I just want to see them be great.”