Kyrie Irving Swaps Faces in Kids Foot Locker Ad (VIDEO)

Kyrie Irving is the star of the latest funny spot from Kids Foot Locker.

The commercial has the All-Star point guard switching faces with a youngin.

Kyrie and Foot Locker are planning to drop a few more ads before the end of the year.

Per NBC Sports:

“Not any other summer in my life have I won an NBA championship, which has been great,” Irving said recently. “It’s just been awesome because of partnerships I’ve had throughout the years in my career, and now we get to put a lot of great ideas out there, and I get to be part of a lot of great things. I’m just thankful, and I’m just trying to take advantage of it, but also do it in a creative space I’m comfortable with.


“Partnering with Kids Foot Locker was just a great thing to do…. This is our next generation, so for me I’m just trying to impact our next generation anyway I can, whether it’s through telling stories with my shoes, or telling stories with any creative I’m coming out with…


“The whole switching bodies thing, I’ve seen a lot of other people do it, but to do it with a kid like Kevin (Kilumbu, the young actor in this spot) is just amazing. Little did I know he was more excited about this, about being part of this commercial with me, and then also his acting is unbelievable.”