Larry Sanders Club Brawl Footage Released (VIDEO)

by December 05, 2013

Milwaukee police released some pretty amazing footage of Bucks center Larry Sanders fighting a gang of people in a nightclub (which resulted in a thumb injury that required surgery.) Sanders is now facing some minor legal trouble. Per the Journal Sentinel: “Police have ticketed Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders for disorderly conduct and assault and battery in connection with a Nov. 3 altercation at Apartment 720, a popular downtown nightclub. The two charges are municipal citations. The Milwaukee County district attorney’s office said it had no plans to issue criminal charges against Sanders. The municipal citations carry a fine of $185 for the disorderly conduct ticket and a fine of $366 for the assault and battery ticket. Michael Hart, Sanders’ attorney, said Wednesday that Sanders was not the aggressor in the incident. ‘We are going to defend him,’ Hart said. ‘He has gotten a bad rap. The facts will bear that out.’ A police official said at least one other person would be ticketed in connection with the incident.”