LeBron James Had Creative Input With ‘I’m King’ Shoes

by April 10, 2018

LeBron James had some creative input in the design of his “I’m King” worn last night in New York, but otherwise had little to say about them: they made a loud enough statement on their own.

James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to their 50th win, driving them past the Knicks 123-109.

The King finished with 26 points and 11 assists, with Kevin Love adding 28 points.

Per the AP:

LeBron James used to downplay winning division titles. Not this time. Not after what these Cleveland Cavaliers have been through this season.

“I’ve kind of like been a hypocrite of that because I’m always moving and trying to figure out how we can be better the next day or whatever the case,” James said. “So it’s always hard for me to be like, OK, another division crown after everything that’s gone on with our team and our ballclub this year, but it’s a pretty cool thing.”

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