LeBron James: ‘We Want to Be a Positionless Team’

by October 01, 2018

LeBron James says the Los Angeles Lakers are aiming to be a “positionless team” this season.

James, who made his preseason debut Sunday night for the Purple and Gold, believes the squad has “a lot of guys that can play multiple positions.”

Head coach Luke Walton cautions that if the Lakers struggle on the boards, positionless basketball may be a short-lived experiment.

Per the team website:

“We want to be a positionless team,” LeBron James said at Saturday’s practice. “There’s gonna be times when we’re all playing different positions. I think that’s going to be the benefit of our ball club.”

But James is far from the only Laker who can play across several positions. He highlighted Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Michael Beasley as those types of flexible players.

“We have a lot of guys that can play multiple positions,” James said. “It’s going to work well for our team. It’s good. We just have to help rebound.”

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